Start All Threats With, “Please”

Debra Jackson, by her own admission was, “having a bad day”.

When a grandfather and his two grandchildren were walking their dog they’d just found after running away and had stopped in Jackson’s yard to let the dog take a dump – Debra popped out of the house with her shotgun.

“I’m gonna shoot you and that dog” according to the police report is what she yelled.

A passerby in a car, not knowing the situation called the family into their car while Jackson continued to point the gun and make more threats.  The police were called and upon arrival found this note taped to her door:

“PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB. This means YOU. I am BUSY. The next salesman, Jehovah’s Witness, Port Richey especially, any ADT representative, will be greeted with a loaded shotgun. Ring my door bell or knock on my door at your own risk. If I blast you, you have nobody to blame but yourself.”

It took Jackson 40 minutes to answer the cops knocks on her door and when asked why it’d taken her so long, so replied, “I don’t have to”.

Jackson was arrested on an aggravated assault charge on $5,000 bail.