Craiglist’s New Service: Child Abandonment!

An Indianapolis woman made the odd choice of Craigslist to find a babysitter.  Really?  The service where people end up mugged or dead when they come over to “buy” your old waterbed?  Yes, this women placed an ad for a babysitter in Craigslist and someone responded, someone responsible enough to take the gig and she began to pick up the boy everyday starting a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, the knucklehead in this story isn’t the woman that responded to the ad, it is the mother.

She never gave the sitter her full name or emergency number and starting Wednesday this week never showed up to pick up her son.

In fact, when the sitter called the mom’s cell to insist she needed to come retrieve her son because the sitter needed to leave town on a family emergency, the mother told her the kid wasn’t “her problem anymore” and to “quit fucking calling my phone” and hung up.

The sitter had been told that “Jen” was a stripper, but a visit to the club didn’t turn her up and the child is currently with the Department of Child Services.

Another happy Craigslist user!