Have I Discovered an iPhone4S Bug?

Upon getting my new iPhone4s, I immediately began to notice my phone’s ringer volume would randomly end up muted.  I immediately thought it was that the case, the one I had been using on my 4, was pressing the 4s’ slightly offset volume buttons.  Turns out no, I killed their ability to do that in the settings.  I would manually set the volume in the settings and at some point I would look at my phone and see that I’d missed calls and texts because it didn’t ring.

It got to the point that I went to the Genius Bar and they were so stumped (despite the fact I couldn’t duplicate the issue on command) they just replaced the phone.  No matter, it happened again by the time I’d reloaded all my stuff back on to the phone.

After a lot of emailing, forum searching and calling my tech friends I accidentally noticed in my car one day that right after I’d started the car, the “ringer volume” icon that overlays whatever is on the phone’s screen appeared and showed the volume down.  I hadn’t even been touching the phone at that moment, but I realized that it was tied to when my phone paired to my car’s bluetooth.  My car, a 2012 VW GTI, with the RNS-315 head unit.

Yup, it’s a bug that I’ve demonstrated here in this video.  I’ve sent it to a Apple Genius friend, who forwarded it onto someone higher.  I’ve asked that the bug be named after me.  Anyone else having a similar issue???