Speeding Train vs 18yr Old

After this week’s odd story of flying deer parts killing a woman, comes this even weirder story of something that happened back in 2008.

At a Chicago train station 18 year old Hiroyuki Joho was killed when he struck by an Amtrak train traveling over 70mph.  In the rain, Joho was attempting to get to another train, holding an umbrella and never knew he was stepping into the path of a speeding locomotive.  Much like the previously mentioned deer story, the impact of his body and the train had subsequent consequences.

A large part of Joho’s body was flung onto the nearby platform where it hit 58 year old Gayane Zokhrabov knocking her to the ground causing her to break both her wrist and leg and injuring her shoulder.

The reason this 3+ year old story is back in the news is because Zokhrabov won an appeals case this week that will allow her to sue the dead 18 year old’s estate for damages she suffered in the incident.  While she lost an earlier county case her appeal won as a judge decided that Joho’s actions were negligent on his part.  Blindly walking across the tracks, he ruled, it was reasonably foreseeable that he’d be hit and his body flung onto the platform.

There is no mention of what Zokhrabov stands to gain against the estate of a deceased 18 year old, and its reasonable to think that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this bizarre and tragic story.

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Divorced at 99 Years Old

Antonio and Rosa had been married for 77 years.  Let that sink in.  Seventy. Seven. Years.  Most people don’t even live that long.

That’s all in the trash bin now as Antonio has filed for divorce from Rosa after he discovered something during a move from their apartment in Rome.

What he found were dust covered love letters that Rosa had received from a lover she had over 60 years ago with a man while Antonio was serving in the military.  Despite the fact the affair took place in the 1940’s Antonio was heartbroken and felt betrayed and decided he could no longer be married to the woman he’d been with since 1934.

The divorce case will happen in March, and the father of five and grandfather to a whole bunch of grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be back on the market.

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Really Florida? Yeah, it Happened There…

Just when you think the depths of Florida’s ability to churn out a dark, sad news story has been mined…

Margaret Ann O’Neill, 26, of Kissimmee, Florida should make two resolutions for 2012:

  1. Do not fall in love with a married man
  2. Do not attempt to prove that love by having sex with a seven year old girl

Yes, O’Neill was arrested after she admitted she had been manipulated by her married boyfriend, 32 year old Christopher Smith, into performing oral sex on the young girl while he watched as a demonstration of her love for him.  In return he promised O’Neill he would leave his wife and be with her.  She also claimed that she was afraid of what Smith would do to her if she refuse.

Smith was arrested back in early December after another girl he was dating on the side contacted police after Smith had attempted the same offer on her.  After being arrested police found videos on his cell phone of him having sex,  with the same seven year old girl.  To make matters worse, Smith’s wife admitted she’d found the videos on her husband’s cell, but didn’t report it to police because she wanted to “protect the child’s family”.

O’Neill has been booked on five counts of sexual battery on a child and three counts of criminal conspiracy and Smith (aka: Satan) has been charged with 24 counts of sexual battery on a child and other charges.


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Death By…Flying Deer Parts

As the old saying goes, “When it’s your time, it’s your time”.

And that might be the best explanation for the tragic, if not gross, end to the life of 70 year old Rosemary Bower of Brooksville, PA.

At 6:45 Tuesday morning she was traveling down Route 830 when a car going to opposite direction hit a large deer.  The impact with the deer was so violent that it literally tore the animal in two parts.  Unfortunately for Bower, the head and shoulder portion of the carcass flew through the air and into her windshield and killing her.  Her car then hit another car down the road before coming to a stop in a ditch.


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Don’t Trust the School Videographer, Ever.

Patrick Lott apparently had a whole lotta people fooled.  A Vice Principal at the New Jersey private Immaculata High School where he also was responsible for video taping the school’s different sporting events (see where this is going)…

… and, allegedly, the boy’s shower stall…

On December 9th, Lott posted this cryptic message on his Facebook page, obviously aware of what was about to happen to him:

“I have always given my best and tried to be a great role model. No one is perfect. Thanks for the memories.”

Last week he was arrested after videos of nude teenage boys, some younger than 16, were found in his home.  Later police found an area in the shower where the camera had been hidden from plain sight.  The videos date back as far as January 2008 and as recent as this year.

Students, parents and co-workers are stunned at the news and almost universally describe Lott as a stand up guy and not the guy you’d suspect of such actions.  He is also a veteran, volunteer, cancer survivor and husband and father.

He once taught wrestling at another high school in the 90’s…Wonder if they need to interview any of those students…

His bond was set at $500,000 and the condition that he have no contact with any minors.

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Peter Meets The Monotracer

Seriously, I about crapped my pants when this thing flew by me on the North Dallas Tollroad.  It took me a minute to calculate what I’d seen because I couldn’t figure out how a person was folded into the darn thing, much less how it was going to stop and stand up… So I had to follow and see what happens.

Its a Swiss made Monotracer and apparently there are only THREE in the USA at this time.  It’s a custom made Kevlar fuselage and is powered by a BMW 1200cc gas engine.


Here is a video of one I found on You Tube that will give you a much better idea of what it looks like.

Here’s an old Top Gear where Jeremy takes trial run…

What Gadgetry Did You Get?

Now is the time you share what cool gadgets you got for Christmas (or whatever gift exchange holiday you celebrated in the last week).  I love to hear what gizmos, widgets and doodads you got to open and are now playing with.  Also, any reviews of these items?  I’d love to hear from those of you that might have gotten a Kindle Fire, Nook, a new smartphone, computer and especially any toy – a real toy (lego, RC, ya know, toy). Come on, share below in the comments section!!

Myself?  I really am not all that concerned about my weight.  I’ve been blessed with a pretty humming metabolism and have been 180-190lbs all my life, but I do love a gadget.  Particularly one that communicates wirelessly, graphs information and has an associated app.  So, my wife’s gift to me this year of a Withings Body Scale pretty much checks off all my boxes.  This thing measures your weight, fat percentage and calculates your Body Mass Index and then via your WiFi, sends the info back to a website where you can access and track all of it via a browser or application (iOS and Android).  Setup was a breeze and the app even will send you a push reminder at a set time each day to weigh yourself.  Yes, it’s an expensive scale – but for me that wasn’t the point… It’s the gadget…  sad, I know.

For my wife, who works from home, I got her the gift of improved audio quality.  She has suffered from listening to the saddest pair of computer speakers you’d ever listen to.  She loves to turn on Spotify or our iTunes collection and rock out at her desk, but with what she was using it was more like ‘paper cup and a string’ level of audio quality than “rocking out”.  So, I bought her what I think are the best self-powered speakers for the money you can find.  The AudioEngine A2 are as wonderful a pair of speakers as your going to find for $200 and take up such a small footprint.  Audioengine is a great American speaker company that isn’t using drivers off the shelf, nope, these are all custom made for them.  Audioengine makes larger powered (A5) and passive speakers (A4), wireless connections and even a subwoofer.  I’m really picky about speakers, and until my personal favorite, Gallo Acoustics makes a self powered version of their Nucleus Micro, the A2’s are the way to go… totally #peterapproved

But maybe the best gift was the Belkin iPad Kitchen Cabinet Mount I got the wife.  She loves to cook and has taken to using her iPad for recipes and stuff.  But with limited counter space, its always in the way and in danger of getting goop spilled on it.  So this setup allows her to temporarily hang it from a cabinet and out of the way.  It’s well made and a pretty smart design.  It will hold different tablets than just iPad, and it will even adjust down small enough to hold an iPhone or other smartphone.






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9-1-1 Is Not a Hooker Complaint Service

Jerry Streng, 63, needs a good talking to, or a punch to his face meat.

First, hiring a pair of hookers to join you in a pot-smoking, Jerry-sandwich sex party is just not good decision making.  Second, calling the cops to file a report that the same hookers didn’t provide the service you paid for just shows a lack of all judgment.

Streng hired Jacqueline Eubanks, 50, and Tanya Good, 34, to join him at his Pennsylvanian home for $400.  For that amount of money the women were, according to Streng, join him in “smoking smoke”, and engage in sexual intercouse, but Jerry wanted a specific place in that action.

As explained in the complaint the “agreement was that he was supposed to be in the middle of both women while the three of them engaged in sexual activity with each other.”  But after smoking together, the women got into bed and didn’t invite Streng.  This frustrated him and he took off his clothes and got into bed with them anyway.  Unfortunately for Jerry he’d been relegated to an “end” position and not the Jerry-in-the-middle he thought he’d paid for.  The girls began some sexual activity with each other and not Jerry, and he was left only to fondle the breast of the woman he was laying next to.

The women then got up and left, without “fully servicing him” as described in the complaint.

All three were arrested and charged with differing prostitution charges.

via The Smoking Gun

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Do Not Take Gun to Potty

Darrel Johnson had just accidentally shot himself.

While sitting on the toilet, no less.

Embarrassed, but needed help, he called police and told them he had been shot when someone tried to rob him.  During questioning from obviously suspicious police, he finally admitted that his gun had fallen from his waistband as he sat on the toilet, fired, and shot him in the leg.

Darrel’s attempt to lie his way out of this was not just out of embarrassment, he also is a convicted felon, the kind that isn’t supposed to have a firearm.  He now faces several different charges of possession of a firearm.

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By The Way, Dad is Dead

Philly 9-1-1 received an emergency call from a 60 year old man who’s 78 year old mom was having chest pains.

When paramedics arrived they loaded mom on the stretcher and as they walked out the door the son asked if they could also take a look at his father sitting in the recliner in the living room.

Turns out that dad was dead, and had been for a few days.  The 84 year old father likely died on Christmas Eve, and had sit in his final resting place since then.

Authorities believe the father died of natural causes and the son suffers from a brain injury that saps his mental function.

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