Turkey Build 2011

You may or may not know that I love to cook on a “Big Green Egg”.  This is a ceramic smoker design based on the very old kamado barbecue from southern Japan.  In the 70’s an American brought the design over and married with the advanced ceramic technologies of the States and the Big Green Egg was born.  While not cheap, the Egg is about as versatile as a cooker gets – from low and slow smoke to hot enough to sear.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving the turkey is being done on the Egg and I thought I’d document it for you.

First Mr. Turkey.  Here he is getting a good washing.

Then he gets put in a giant bag for brining for a day or so

Then today he was pulled out and put in the pan stuffed with apples and a lemon

Then my wife, Catherine, gives him a randy rub down

On to the egg it goes

Smoke, you little dirty bird

The finished product of yummy, tummy busting goodness… Happy Thanksgiving everyone.