I Want a Cheeseburger, Damnit!

Shanaya Edgell was very hungry at 3am, at a McDonalds and drunk.

Not a good combination.

Shanaya wanted a good ol’ fashion cheeseburger, but it was breakfast hours and those weren’t being served.  Ms Edgell didn’t take kindly to this fact, blew a gasket and began assaulting her boyfriend, Darrell Page, with some biting and tearing off his shirt.  Darrell was able to get her back in the car where they left, only to have her change her mind because she wanted some breakfast after all.  The boyfriend trying to avoid killing the two of them since he could drive while she was kicking his ass, pulled over and called police.  When they arrived she was standing on the hood of the car screaming profanities.

All she wanted was a cheeseburger.

via Gazette Extra

via the Smoking Gun


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