What a Shitty Way to Die

Carol F Brown is dead.  She died literally stuck to an old vinyl recliner she had been sitting in, unmoved for many days.

The 74 year old Kansas City area woman had been placed in her chair by her son, James Owen.  James claims he was simply following his mother’s request to die in her home and be left in her chair do so.  Reports show she may have set in the chair for as many as five days without moving for bodily or any other reasons.  In fact her body had fused to the chair and had to pried off, and her legs separated from the footstool of the vinyl so she could be taken to the hospital.

She was found to have a rotting ankle wound with maggots infested inside, and was described in documents as a “rotting corpse that was still breathing”.

Examiners are still looking into a cause of death (I’m thinking the maggots, rotting flesh and sitting in your own flilth for five days might play a part) and are probably considering if any charges should be brought up on the son for leaving her there.

via MSNBC and kansascity.com