Google TV Getting an Update

Version 2.o will hit Sony TV’s and Logitech set top boxes in the coming weeks for Google’s attempt to hone in on your TV viewing.

The first version was received with a luke warm response in sales (the price for the set top box was too high and dropped from $249 to $99 after more were returned than sold) and the functionality just wasn’t there.  2.0 promises a much better experience with an improved You Tube interface, better search UI and access to the Android Marketplace where users will find a filtered selection of apps that run within Google TV.

If you’re not familiar with Google TV, you’re in the majority, but the idea is a good one.  An user interface, on your TV that allows you to search across multiple sources to look for content… Want to find a season one episode of Breaking Bad?  Type in the search and Google TV looks in your cable and satellite listings, also within any media you have stored at home (a home network), or if its online somewhere it will present that search result too.

This is where TV viewing is going, and much like what is being discussed with the rumored Apple TV Jobs was last working on.

While the software upgrade will release soon, there are no plans for new hardware until 2012.

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