7,000,000,000 Earthlings

Yesterday, today, tomorrow or sometime soon – media outlets are reporting that Earth is about birth it’s seven billionth person from between its baby making legs.

That is one worn out uterus.

Seven billion is pretty incredible considering it was six billion just a dozen years ago, and in 1900 it was only 1.6 billion – and it took 50,000 years to get to that number!  So in 111 years Earth’s population has jumped 5.4 billion people…

Of course all of this creates all kinds of hysteria, worries and concerns.  Food shortages, effects on the environment, class warfare and where are we putting all of these people.  Most of the 382,000 daily births are taking place in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  And the good news is that the actual growth rate has slowed since its peak in the 1960’s.

Of course if the 7 billionth IS born on Halloween… maybe it’s Damie

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