Breathe Easy, or Roll Your Eyes – The Simpsons Are Coming Back

Sure, the show isn’t what it used to be and hasn’t been for a while.  But, it is still “The Simpsons” and all the year’s of greatness it has brought allows it to live for as long as it wants, or as long as the voice actors can make even more of a killing.

Instead of the $400K per episode Yeardley Smith makes and donates to Scientology (or, so as I assume she does) she and the rest of the cast reportedly agreed to a 30% discount to $330K – per episode.   Oh, there’s generally 20-22 episodes per season.  Do the match.

The new season begins on Oct 30th, with the Halloween, “Treehouse of Terror” bit, that certainly never has been as funny as the one with Kang & Kodos.


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