Breakout at the Wild Animal Preserve

**Update** AP is now reporting that the owner, Terry Thompson, opened the cages and then shot himself.  Why or other details aren’t yet available.  

Sounds like a crazy scene in Zanesville, OH as the owner of a farm filled with exotic and wild animals was found dead, the cages open and animals missing.

Big cats, wolves, giraffes, bears and camels are all just some of the animals living on the preserve and as many as 25 escaped and had to be shot by authorities.  Reports of other wild animals roaming the nearby highway has them concerned as well.

Terry Thompson, the owner, was found dead after police got calls about animals on the loose in the farm’s area and how he died wasn’t clear.  Although reports do say that “aggressive animals were near his body when deputies arrived”, so you can probably guess how that went down.

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