Pranking the Teacher, 2012 Style

Carlos Eugene Cain Jr., 18, of Louisville and Devon Ewing,18, attend Doss High School in Louisville, KY.  Well, they did until the two schemed to shoot an up skirt video of a teacher and post it on YouTube.

Ewing and Cain worked together in class, one asking a teacher for some help with a paper, while the other took a cell phone video up her skirt while she bent over.  Cain then uploaded the video to YouTube and then made the next possible worse decision to tell others the link to see it.  Another student reported the video to school officials and the pair were confronted and admitted their prank.

The pair face felony charges of video voyeurism and expulsion from school.  “I think certainly, it’s disturbing that this teacher was violated this way,” said Lauren Roberts, spokeswoman for Jefferson County Public Schools. “Unfortunately, young people make rash and sometimes bad decisions and they will face the consequences for that.”  We’ve come a long way from putting a tack in the teacher’s chair.



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This Is Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Teen in 2012

I was driving back from a out of office meeting today and listening to the replay of today’s Howard Stern show (something I’ve done a lot lately since getting a free trial of Sirius, and have a 1000 thoughts about Howard that probably aren’t of interest to anyone but me).  The show was talking to this kid,  who posted this insane video on YouTube.  You can watch it below.  It is NSFW (language), but with Howard there was a whole discussion about how kids today can do these types of things and suddenly be seen all over the world and have no idea of how it could impact them later in life.

Now, in this video this kid is ‘singing’ a song he made up about masterbating to girls he knows and their Facebook pictures.  It is wickedly funny simply because it’s so silly raw, graphic and downright creepy.  (“Lotion is my best friend” is my favorite line)  In the interview the kid told Howard while he was trying to be funny and make fun of internet lurkers and that it was supposed to be satire, but he understands that anyone might find it offensive and creepy.  He just didn’t want his mom to see it.

And that’s my point.  The kid, who btw already had another YouTube video – where he extemporaneously speaks about the reality of Super Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z – with over 4 million views, seemingly has no concept of who may or may not watch this thing.  He knows the girls in school will see it, but somehow, he’s only ‘worried’ that mom won’t see it.  Never mind the idea that Mr Job Interviewer, College Acceptance Person or Woman He Might Want to Marry in 2027 will happen upon this video and wonder just how fuck’d up he was in 2012.

I know I did a lot of stupid things when I was a teen.  I simply can not comprehend the trouble I would have created for myself if I’d had the internet, much less the ability to record and distribute videos worldwide (for free!).  When I add that to the insanity seen in the recently shut down and how many teens and 20somethings are willing to send the most sexually graphic images of themselves to be posted on Twitter – well, I really begin to feel a total sense of agreement with my wife on our decision not to have kids.  Good grief.

But damn, this video makes me laugh – a lot.  Some it though probably is nervous, self conscience laughter only because I can’t quite be assured I would not have done something as stupid as this if I was a teen in 2012.  Although in reality, what I most likely would have produced and distributed would have been closer to this famous video


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Radiohead@Coachella Without the Drugs

Here’s something to help you pass your day at work.  Watch Radiohead’s full show from this weekend’s Coachella event.  The set list is pretty danged good and the quality appears to be the in house a/v setup.  If you watch it directly from the YouTube page not only can you watch it in a larger screen but you also get the ability to click to specific songs in the set.

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New UFO Mystery

A UFO conspiracy dude has posted a video from the final NASA shuttle mission and asks if NASA caught on video three UFOs.

The video is really slow and uninteresting, but as the site mentions if you FF to about the 4:00 mark you’ll see the camera pan up in the blue sky and clearly see three white spots in that all too conspiratorial triangle formation.  They move together and the narrator, as the camera follows, tells the viewer that they are reflections.

Of course that sets off the UFO community.  Best parts are the comment section at the bottom of the linked story and the YouTube page the video is sourced from.

So watch it for yourself and prepare for alien invasion.


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Play Your Own Don Draper 8-Bit Hanky Panky

Somebody has a lot of time, creativity and love.  That person, listed as DOCTOR OCTOROC, presents it in the form of not only old skool 8-bit, but also “choose your own adventure” video gaming/storytelling with AMC’s Mad Men.

Yes “people under the age of 30”, this is how video gaming used to be.  We had a button, a joystick, linear storytelling and blocky-large pixel’d graphics, and we liked it.

This is so great, it hurts. (thnx to @McMike79 for bringing it to my attention!)



New XBOX Live Dashboard *update*

**update**  It was supposed to start pushing out this morning but hadn’t at the time I’ve written this… Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb has been tweeting updates all day and you should follow him @majornelson to get the most up to the minute info..


Microsoft wants you to know that if you have an Xbox360, hold on, because you’re getting an update that they promise will make you feel like it’s a whole new console.

The new dashboard, rolling out on Tuesday the 6th, follows the largely loved Metro design seen in Windows Phone 7 and will be seen in the future Microsoft 8 OS.  Much of what was foretold at E3 looks to be coming with all new search functionality, including voice command search via Kinect and the idea that your Xbox360 is now more of a full time media hub than just a gaming device.

Full You Tube, Netflix, ESPN, UFC and other intrigation are all part of trying to get the user to stay on their Xbox when not playing, and watching media through it rather than another source.

There is also now cloud saving for Live users with Gold accounts that make it easy to move files and game progress from console to console, and a new game scheduling feature called, “Beacons”.  This allows the user to send out appointments to friends to pre-plan game playing times so going full nerd can be a fully co-ordinated event.

Be on the lookout starting tomorrow, and report back to me your thoughts and experiences…  I’m interested because believe it or not, I am still running an original XBOX360 from the day they went on sale, way back when.  Yup, never had the “ring of death” or any failures.  Not sure how.  But I wonder how well my 7-8 year old unit will play and perform with all of this new soft/hardware…

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Ryan v Neil: My Dream Pairing Goes Nightmare

Crowded House has been my favorite band for the longest of time.  Yeah, today its “Dad Rock”, but I can go on and on about Neil Finn’s song writing craft and the list of peers that thinks he’s the best out there.  Whatever, I think Neil is the tits.  Last year CH came to Dallas on their tour and Catherine and I were able to meet him before the show.  The band had been taking requests via their website and playing one per show.  In the meeting I told him I had requested the rarity, “Lester”, and he said he’d try to remember.  Well, he did and it was the best concert going moment of my life.  See, Lester is a song about Neil’s dog after it is hit by a car, and Neil’s feelings about the dog.  The week prior to the show our dog, Harley, at the age of 16 died.  We were heartbroken and hearing Lester played live was really a magic moment for the two of us.

Ryan Adams was someone I became aware of because of Scott Richards, the old L&T producer I worked with for 10+ years.  Before the show started every morning Scott would play a variety of songs over the system as we linked to the satellite just to let affiliates know that we were there and getting ready for the show.  Intermixed in those songs were ones that always caught my ear and it wasn’t long before I was asking Scott who it was.  Finding out it was Ryan Adams, someone who I only had read about, but avoided because my impression was that it was too country for my liking, was a discovery.  Needless to say I’ve become a major fan, and my wife and I have been to three different shows, and in fact traveled to Atlanta to see the final Cardinals (his former band) show before they broke up.

Finding out that Ryan and Neil actually performed on stage together for a BBC4 taping of The Songwriters Circle excited me to no end.  Unfortunately we don’t get that channel stateside so watching it has been limited to You Tube videos (below).

The tragedy is that it appears the two got into some sort of argument on stage.  See, Ryan is a sensitive guy.  Neil probably is too, just not as famous for it.  Adams said he was upset that Neil and the other performer sang during his performances, while he sat quietly during theirs.  It seems there was a Finn song, “Fall at Your Feet” that the three were suppose to have done together and Ryan opted out.  This upset Neil, Neil said something to Ryan, Ryan said something back to Neil and I guess the whole taping almost crashed.  Sad, because there are some fine moments in the vids below.  You can sense the tension at the beginning of “Weather With You”, but ignore the drama and enjoy Adam’s performances of Invisible Riverside from his newest CD, “Ashes & Fire” and a flat out killer rendition of “Come Pick Me Up” – which appears to really have the other two on stage in awe.


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Sesame Street Hacked! Yup, Porn

Two of Sesame Street's most famous characters:...

Image via Wikipedia

The You Tube channel for Semame Street was hacked, so for a short time, kids looking for Oscar the Grouch being grouchy to Big Bird, or Ernie and Bert actually ambiguously gay, what they got was good ‘ol fashioned porn.

It’s thought that an earlier hack on the PBS site may have been where the hackers got the password for the You Tube channel.

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