Peepholes, PowerBars, and Tissue

Christian Hobbs, 44 is in jail after admitting he’d spent two days under a mobile home, spying on the woman he’d sold it to through a hole in the bathroom floor.

Tina Iacono, 40, heard a funny sound from under the bathroom floor and thought it was a trapped animal, but when she looked into the floor vent she saw Hobbs staring back at her.  She called police and he was arrested after immediately telling police, “I did it. I was under the trailer for two days,”

But Hobbs wasn’t just under the trailer, he was also monitoring the woman and her young son with baby monitors he’d placed in the trailer and video taping them as police found as many as 16 different one-minute videos of the woman and child in various stages of undress.  The latter led to felony charges of making child pornography.

There had been reports that Hobbs had been seen walking around the park nude, and he’d admitted that in the course of his two day stake-out it had gotten warm under the trailer and went for walks.  Hobbs went prepared for his time under the home, taking power bars, drinks and tissue.

In all his charges include felony burglary, felony wiretapping, felony manufacture of child pornography, prowling, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing and violation of privacy.

Man Beats Woman with Frozen Armadillo

In Dallas a man meets a women to sell her a frozen armadillo for eating.  Really.

They get into an argument over the price of the read animal, and the man begins to hit her with the cold, hard carcass.

The man fled and police are looking for him for potential assault charges.

Selling armadillos for eating is illegal in Texas, but gosh, they look so appetizing and yummy

via Fox4


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