The Fight A Guy Could Never Win

Charles Talbert of Gastonia, NC took a pretty good beating when he and another customer got into an argument over groceries.

Its just that Charles was assaulted by a woman.  A woman in a wheelchair.  A woman in a wheelchair with a protestic leg.   A woman in a wheelchair with a protestic leg and a dialysis tube running out of her neck.  Really, what is a guy supposed to do?

Talbert was actually at home when a woman who he’d earlier had a confrontation with at a grocery store went to his home to argue more about groceries.  The argument turned ugly and Talbert claims she got out of her wheelchair and began to punch him in the face and chest.  She then took off her prosthestic leg and began to beat Talbert with it.  The woman herself was injured as others pulled her away from the scuffle when her dialysis tube was yanked from her neck.

There have been no charges filed, or further explanation as to what started the altercation.

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Like Stealing Money From A Kid in a Wheelchair

Nolan Turner is 12, and only wanted to raise money to help bring a better understand of his life to his classmates.

Turner, who has spin bifida and is in a wheelchair, was raising $1000 to rent wheelchairs so that he introduce to his classmates wheelchair basketball and how to operate them and their challenges.

But while out in a Carolina neighborhood with his money bucket containing $250 a man he doesn’t know approached him, snatched the bucket and ran off with Turner unable to catch up to him.  Police are still looking for the suspect.

Nolan’s father has set up this fundraising site for anyone who would like to donate.

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Yes, That Happened

Watch this video, and although you know the blonde, paraplegic girl strapped into her wheelchair is a willing participant, when they throw her over the railing – it just looks so cruel.

The jump was an organized event for the girl who has wanted to do this for a long time.  When I read the headline I had an image of this limp, rag doll looking person falling – so I was surprised to see them actually dump her over WITH her wheelchair.  She says she can’t, “wait to do it again”.

Good for her.

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Wheelchairs Make for Shitty Get Aways

John Christopher Champion, 22, had been acting suspicious to the employee of a Chevron station in Chiefland, FL.  For several hours he had been riding his motorized wheelchair in and out of the store.  Wearing a Gators hat and sweatshirt, Champion was sizing up the store and the clerk for a heist.

Just after 10pm Champion rolled up the counter, brandished a knife and demanded the 54 year old woman hand over the cash.  She fought back, actually stabbing him in the leg three times before he was able to get away with a 12 pack of beer and a roll of electrical tape (?!?).

The police were called and found Champion in short order, stuck in the sand behind the store.  His wheelchair sank into the sand as he tried to get away.  When they found him he was drinking one of the beers and insisted that while he did steal the beer and tape, he didn’t rob it.  He also was under the impression that cops would not arrest a handicapped person in a wheelchair, but obviously that isn’t the case.

Champion was arrested and charged with robbery and aggravated battery.

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