The Dangers of Ouija

A 15 year old Texas teen has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after stabbing his friend in the gut in the woods behind a Weslaco, TX high school.

The teen used a 4 inch knife to stab the 14 year old, but his claim is that a Ouija board instructed him to rid himself of his problems and that the friend was the cause of them.  Police claim that the assailant really believed that the board had given him the advice and after stabbing him took him to a nearby store for help.  A third teen that had seen the event told police the boy told the victim to tell that he’d “fallen on the knife” as an excuse.

The victim spent several days in the hospital, but survived the attack.

The accused has no previous history of criminal or mental problems, but he does now.

via MSNBC, NBC Washington

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