Man crushes 8 police cruisers with tractor

Roger Pion, 34, of Newport, Vermont, was angry over a recent arrest for resisting arrest and marijuana possession. So, he did the only logical thing a 34 year old in Newport, Vermont, would do and drove his tractor into the parking lot of the sheriff’s department and went all Bigfoot up on 5 cruisers, an unmarked car and a transport van parked in the lot then drove away.

Sheriffs said that after Pion left their lot, they were unable to pursue him because they had no intact vehicles (well, duh). When two Newport City officers chased him, he suddenly started backing the tractor toward them.

“I backed up in fear of our safety about ten to fifteen feet before bumping into another vehicle,” wrote Newport Officer Tanner Jacobs, adding that “at this point the tractor was still backing up.” He said he and his partner then left their vehicle to avoid getting run over.

Converging city and state police and county sheriffs then surrounded Pion and ordered him from the tractor at gunpoint. He was found to be carrying a loaded pistol, authorities said. Sheriff’s deputies got there in a borrowed civilian vehicle.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. Pion is being held on $50,000 bond.

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When Ransom is Only $600, Something is Fishy

Three young people in Vermont are in trouble after trying to pull off a really crappy extortion plot.

19 year old Megan Swanson and her two male friends, Kevin Emery and Joshua Rice called Megan’s 73 year old grandmother, Patricia, with a fake kidnapping threat and demanding a ransom of only $600 for her return.  The grandmother claims she received the call Monday night from an unknown person that claimed he’d kidnapped Megan and if she didn’t bring the $600 to a location the girl would be killed.  Patrica also says she could hear Magan crying in the background.

The grandmother agreed to meet the demand, and arranged for the drop off to take place.  Of course, the grandmother was smart enough to alert the police and the drop off ended up being the end of the story as police arrested the three after Rice stepped out of a car to take the money.  The girl was fine, a part of the plan all along and the reason for the fakery?  She needed to pay off a debt to their drug dealer.

Megan obviously a problem child was already in trouble for previously stealing from her grandmother and now she and her two criminal masterminds face up to two years in jail on extortion charges.

via WCAX (w/ video)

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