Galaxy Nexus Review RoundUp

I think I get a bum rap as an “Apple Fanboy and Apologist”.  I don’t dislike Android at all, and I have owned and used a couple  for work (original Droid and an Evo4G).  I think Android has been great for consumers, is an excellent option and the whole thing is really a tech/nerd fight along the lines of Ford v Chevy or Samy Hagar v David Lee Roth.

Now that there is yet another “king of the hill” Android available, and yet another, newer, better version of the OS out in Ice Cream Sandwich, and the reviews are starting to pour in.  I invite any of you with the new Samsung Nexus on the Verizon LTE network to email me your written or video reviews and I will post them to the site.  

For the purposes of snapshot, here are the aggragated generalities from the reviews

Pros:  Wonderful speeds, both processing and internet connection/big bright screen/Ice Cream Sandwich

Cons: Plasticky feel/camera isn’t great/speaker stinks

Conclusions: Best Android Yet, Ice Cream Sandwich is big upgrade

The Verge – Outstandingly comprehensive review, and a video review so good I’ve added it below

Engaget – Great video with side by side comparisons of the Nexus and other Android and a 4S

CNET – Short and to the point written, and a comprehensive video too

Associated Press – Generally positive review

TechCrunch – A review from an iPhone owner/user

Razr is back, now with Android goodness

Motorola Razr V3

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Shockingly, the time when a thin, sleek folding phone from Motorola called the Razr now seems so long ago.

With Motorola Mobility’s introduction of the new Droid Razr, the company is working to get back on top of the cellphone heap with a super thin, well built performance beast that should impress anyone and maybe even draw fans back to the brand that owned the original.  Of course this top of the hill position will last only a short time as the Samsung Nexus is due to hit stores about the same time or just after.

This new Razr is silly thin (7.1mm) and light (127 grams).  To compare, an iPhone4s is 9.3.. and 140 grams, but the Razr has the larger, now expected, 4.3″ screen.  The phone reportedly has that same quality build feel that the old Razr had and the Kevlar fiber back piece and a stainless steel chassis.

The phone will run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, sport an Super AMOLED display, 1.2GHz dual core processor, a single GB of RAM, and a 8 megapixel camera.  Motorola claims that battery life is a big deal in this phone with new apps and features designed to better manage and retain battery life (oh, this battery is non-replacable).  Gingerbread will be the OS of choice, but with the introduction of the newer Ice Cream Sandwich its anyone’s guess how long before that is downloadable onto the Razr

Oct 27 you can get your Razr from Verizon for $299/2yr contract.

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