Eels Aren’t Supposed To Be In Your Butt

A hospital in New Zealand is reporting that it is true they had a male patient that required attention for an “eel inside him”.  And by, “inside him”, they mean in his butt.

The man reportedly showed up at the hospital having to explain that he had an eel up and inside his rectum and after a series of X-rays his claim proved to be true.  Reports are the man underwent a minor procedure to have the “sprig sized” eel removed and he was later released.  There was no explanation of how the eel got in there and the hospital refused to elaborate further due to “patient’s right to privacy”.

If you love a good, “what people have put in their butt only to need it medically removed” story, check out this awesome book, “Stuck Up”.


Juggalos: 21st Century Hippies?

This video was posted last year after Sean Dunne attended the 2011 “Gathering of the Juggalos”.  Somehow I missed it until I saw it posted on Gawker.

It is a 22 minute peek into a sub-culture that I personally can’t wrap my head around.  15,000 attendees, all fans, maybe more of the scene than the act, and all of them appear to be bound by the “fam-uh-lee”.  It looks like this family is a little different from how I think most of us define the word.  I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single person that wasn’t drunk or high, and that includes the “straight-edged” Juggalos (but maybe they just look stoned).  There is something admirable that the group seems committed to being nonjudgmental of one another and so communal – but it’s just scary and sad that all of that is wrapped up in a giant flag of booze, drug abuse and the committed love of the ‘music’ of Insane Clown Posse’.

After watching the doc, I suddenly had the realization that my reaction is probably not far off from the reactions of 40 something white guys back in 1969 when they saw footage of what was going on at Woodstock.  I’m guessing those that attended that famed music festival would be offended at the comparisons, but when you really get to the bottom of it what hippies from then talked about and what these Juggalos are all talking about in the doc – are frighteningly similar.  I do wonder what the future holds for all of these people who are so obviously abusing the living crap out of their bodies, but I am sure old man 1969 probably wondered the same thing about people who today are productive parents and community leaders.  This ultimately is a terribly small slice of Americana, but it’s America nonetheless. It certainly reminds me there are all sorts of pieces of the American puzzle that I can’t identify with, comprehend and/or scares the shit out of my sheltered middle class world.

Warning, this is NSFW.  Mostly for an uncountable number uses and variations of the word, “fuck”.  But there is a lot of very uncomely nudity (Juggalos are not a beautiful lot) and other stuff you probably wouldn’t want your boss or nosy co-worker catching you viewing while on the gig.  I would also suggest that while you can watch it below, you may most enjoy it if you use this link to the original Vimeo posting simply because the player is bigger, and you need to watch this in HD and in its full glory.

Worst. Good Deed. Ever.

An Oregon man is in the the hospital where his life is in jeopardy after trying to rescue a mouse from the mouth of a stray neighborhood cat.

During the attempt to save the mouse, the cat lashed out at the man biting him on the hand.  The man soon got sick and now is suffering from the extremely rare, but very deadly “black plague”.   He is thought to be suffering from septicemic plague – meaning that his bloodstream is infected with the bacteria and it is spreading.  He has all of the symptoms of the plauge, stomach pain, dying tissue and bleeding from the nose, mouth and … uh… anus.

Less than 10 people a year contract the plague in the USA, and globally, less than 3000.  But the plague is famous for its sweep across through Europe in the 14th century when it killed as many as 75 million people. The bacterium, Yersinia pestis, is carried by rodents and spread through contact with them, but doctors are not sure if it was the bite from the cat or contact with the mouse that infected the man.  Today it can be treated with antibiotics, but it still kills one of seven people who contract it.

“Taking a mouse out of a cat’s mouth is probably not a good idea,” Emilio DeBess, Oregon’s public health veterinarian, told the local media.

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Death By Wood Chipper

editor’s note: My apologies in the delay in posting this story, but it still deserves it’s place here.

Richard A Risinger of ALton, Illinois was working a tree trimming site last week when the most awful thing happened.

He was feeding limbs into the massive wood chipper when he clothing got caught in the device.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Very dead.

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