South Park: The Video Game?

On the whole, video games based on TV, movies or cartoons – suck.

But when it comes to Matt Stone and Trey Parker, you just have to think that if they are going to make a video game based on South Park, it will be awesome.


Because these two guys are the Radiohead and Pixar of their genre – their stuff generally just doesn’t stink, it’s really, really good.  Movies, cartoons and now Tony-winning musicals all are pretty good ammo that the two know what they’re doing.  (Ok, the 1998 South Park game for the Nintendo 64 was pretty bad)

So, now we hear that 2012 will bring us a game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 by Odsidian Entertainment (Star Wars: KotOR, and Neverwinter Nights) and we can only hope that it captures the totally inappropriate funny of the show.

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