A Little Too Neighborly

Michael J. Zullo Sr. knows how to have a good time.  He just needs to work on his introductions.

Zullo allegedly broke into the home of a female neighbor after she had left to run to the store.  When she returned 25 minutes later she found Zullo laying upon her couch, uninvited.  That alone may have been enough to call the police, but “Mike” as she called him to the 9-11 operator, was on the couch wearing only a pair of her underwear.

He asked if she “wanted to party” and had also brought over party favors in the form of cocaine and marijuana and spread them out on the kitchen counter.  She refused his obviously tempting offers, and Zullo left but not before removing the underwear and leaving them on the floor (just like a guy, right?).

Police arrested Zullo at his place and he admitted to entering her home while she was gone.  He was charged with the impressive list of criminal trespass, possession of drugs, loitering, prowling at night and open lewdness.