Is This the New Nintendo Controller?

Twitter is a dangerous thing, especially if you’re trying to privately send a pic of something that no one is supposed to see.  No, not nudes – a pic of the upcoming Nintendo U controller.

The Twitter account @MATTYBOOSH, which was established back in 2008, has been washed from Twitter as it was the place to find the pic you see here.  Very likely this is what the controller for the U will look like and is slightly different than what Nintendo showed off at last year’s E3.  The image was uploaded via someone that works for Traveller’s Tale Games (maker of several Lego-themed games), according to GamesRadar, and likely was a misplayed direct message, instead going out for mass consumption.

What makes this interesting is the idea that the controller is also a handheld gaming console so when, as demo’d in the video below, some jerky-jerk comes into the room and bogarts the TV you can continue playing your game right there in your hands.

The U is due to go on sale this winter, although there are no official release dates.

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