Tranny’s Are Offended By Tampons?

A New Zealand tampon manufacture has caused a ruckus over a TV commercial that shows a woman establishing her real gender over a man, in the same public bathroom dressed as a woman, by brandishing a tampon – a product the cross dresser/transgender obviously doesn’t have a use for.

The drag queen leaves in a huff and the company, Libra, Facebook page is flush with complaints, “I’m not sure what is more disgusting, the blatant transphobia or the inclination that a period is what defines a woman’s femininity,” and, “Having an advertising campaign where some snooty-nosed woman is going to resort to whipping out her feminine hygiene product in the face of someone who doesn’t have a menstrual cycle therefore rendering her a winner, maybe was in bad taste and poor form.”

Wow, people are sensitive, I thought it was funny…

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