The 3rd Grade Bra & Panty Party

48 year old Kimberly Crain of Oklahoma is being investigated for having a party.  For girls in her 3rd grade class.

It was supposed to be a pizza party, but when one of the girls told her parents they’d, “…dressed up in bras and panties and decorated the tree and ate pizza,” the coppers were called an investigation has begun.

When the girls arrived at the party, she told them she had a change of clothes for the girls, which turned out to be bras and panties with Xmas saying printed on them.  While the girls wore the bra and panties (I even feel weird typing the word “panties”), Crain took pictures as they decorated the tree.

But most disturbing, and possibly a clue into what really is going on, is the report from one girl that Crain had each of them talk to an older man via Skype they called “Uncle G”.  We also know that the teacher has been taking posed pics of the girls while at school with her cell phone.  (peet: In my mind, Crain is actually an advanced humanoid robot, invented by the mysterious Uncle G, a child pornographer/inventor/scientist who has sent the robot Crain to do his perverted bidding… but that’s just me)

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