Oh, Florida… Now B-Hole Tattoos? (nsfw)

The New Times alternative weekly in the Tampa, St Pete area did some reporting of the 17th-annual South Florida Tattoo Expo was held at the Marriott Hotel, Golf Club & Convention Center at Heron Bay in Coral Springs over the weekend.  The highlight is the video seen below (pretty much nsfw) where an obviously disturbed, intoxicated and ridiculous girl gets a tattoo around her … uh… where she makes dirty.

Ok, her butthole.  You glad now I said?

I have to wonder why the tattoo artist would do it, out in the open like that, and the event organizers would let her, because she appears pretty messed up in this video.   But she does seem to be enjoying herself, and really if someone wants a boyfriend’s name tatted around her soft serve machine, who’s to stop her?

Oh, and proceeds went to charity.

Maybe butt hole tattoos are “the next big thing”.

(the nsfw is more for language, as her food exit is mostly blurred out when she is happily showing it to the crowd)

Poop Tattoo is Old News

**Update** just minutes after posting this, I was tweeted this story by “” … Turns out this is an old story and the one below is a fake, just like I thought it was, but didn’t trust my instinct.  I am sorry.


This story has been floating around for a few days and I was pretty certain it was a fake, so I didn’t post it.  But it’s circulating enough now that I suppose its real and, if so, really funny.  So here it is.

In Ohio, Ryan Fitzjerald is being sued for $100,000 by an ex-girlfriend, Rossie Brovent for a tattoo he put on her back.

See, Ryan found out that Rossie had been cheating on him, got her to come to his tattoo shop, plied her with vodka, talked her into a full back tattoo and even got her to sign off on the paperwork… She was expecting a beautiful landscape of Narnia…

The resulting tattoo as you can see is not what Rossie was expecting, its a poorly done giant Dairy Queen soft serve style pile of poo, complete with flies coming off of it.

She tried to have him arrested for assault, but because she’s signed the paperwork that allows for “artistic discretion”, there was nothing the cops could do.  (*snicker, i typed doooooo)

So she is trying her hand in civil court.  Good luck.


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