Peeping Tom Punch Out

Zachary Van Zandt, 21, of Ohio, has told police that he has a “sexual implies problem” and was to have started counciling in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime he’s been spending his time acting as a Peeping Tom in the dressing room area of his local Target.

He was arrested over the weekend after his cell phone was taken from him as he stuck it under the door of a dressing room to take a pic of Nancy Yingling.  The women not only grabbed the phone, but then confronted Van Zandt who tried to forcibly take back the phone, only to have Yingling push him and punch him in the face a few times.   Van Zandt went down and was later arrested with charged with voyeurism and tampering with evidence.

Police report that Van Zandt admitted to doing this same trick four or five other times at other stores in the area.  More charges are expected.  A local official told the media, “He told us he was on his way to an AA meeting when he spotted a ‘good opportunity to get some video’.


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The Rich Guy Lego Scam

What ever possesses people to steal when they have plenty of money to purchase is always a fascinating story.  You hear about rich girls stealing clothes, or actresses lifting a piece of jewelry and now a super high end software executive working a scam to steal – Legos.

Thomas Langenbach is a VP/Software Engineer for SAP, a massive enterprise software firm (His LinkedIn profile shows, “vice president at Palo Alto’s SAP Labs Integration and Certification Center “).  It’s safe to say that Langenbach makes more than enough in salary to buy whatever Lego set he wants, but instead Langenbach used his software development skills to make a bar code printing program that allowed him to make his own bar codes.  He would then go to Target, put his barcodes over the ones on the Lego sets and that allowed him to purchase them at a vastly reduced price.

For example reported that he was able to buy a $279 Star Wars Millennium Falcon set for only $49, and the $90 Anakin set for only $35.

The Target security cameras spotted Langenbach making the tag switch from two different stores in the Bay Area.  While he was charged with four counts of burgerly for seven boxes worth $1000, when police raided his home they found “hundreds and hundreds” of boxes.  Since April of last year using the name “tomsbrickyard” Langenbach had sold over $30,000 worth of Legos on Ebay.  he was charged with only the four thefts as police determine what he stole and what he may have legitimately owned.

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Shopping Cart to the Head

47 year old Marion Hedges was walking in the parking lot of a East Harlem Target Sunday night when a shopping cart fell on her head.

The cart, which came from the top of a four story parking garage Hedges was walking by, was pushed off by two 12-year old boys.

The two have been arrested and charged with assault.


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