The Menage a Trois & the SWAT Team

David Rice and his wife, Mindi, both 29, enjoy a healthy sex life that includes having other people join in on their fun – just as long as one isn’t enjoying the fun without the other because that results in gun fire and the SWAT team.

The Rice’s were having a menage a trios with a 24 year old girl at their Florida home last week.  Included along with the sex was an evening of injecting each other with prescription drugs and booze.  The party went deep into the night until the threesome finally fell asleep.  But a few hours later Mindi awoke to find David back at the sex again, alone, with the female guest.  This put Mrs Rice into a frenzy and she grabbed a loaded gun and threatened to kill the guest and even fired a round into the ceiling.  David grabbed the gun away , grabbed Mindi by the throat, threatened to kill her and then fired the gun to the side of her head with the bullet striking the wall behind her.

Mrs Rice managed to escape and call the police and when they arrived David would not surrender and had to be tased.  Somehow he was able to get back into the house and barricade himself inside and a standoff ensued, complete with the SWAT unit.  He eventually gave himself up to a negotiator and was charged with obstructing officers, burglary, grand theft and possession of oxycodone.

Mrs Rice was being held on bond, but has a previous sentence of felony probation for credit card fraud.  That stemmed from stealing a credit card so that she could bail Mr Rice from jail.