Sword Swallowing Gone Very, Very Wrong

Hannibal Hellmurto

A British performer that goes by the name, Hannibul Hellmurto, was rushed to a hospital after a sword swallowing incident.

The man, well known for his sword swallowing experience, ripped a four inch hole in his esophagus while doing a show.

Now, tearing a hole in one’s own innards is bad enough, but this wasn’t a sword that caused the hole, it was a electric powered glass tube, FILLED WITH MERCURY. Somehow the man actually finished the show, collapsed off stage and was then taken to the hospital.  He was there for three weeks, not allowed to perform any swallowing acts for five and spent that time being fed via a tube down his throat.  (peet: Considering that he’s still alive, I assume the glass didn’t break and the mercury didn’t leak into his guts – but that woulda been cool)

Yes, watch him perform the act below…

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