I Call Red Flag on Superbowl Ticket Story

Jason Elia is telling a story that is hard to believe. (and for the record, I am prepared for this to be a hoax)

He’s a television writer in Nashville with an engagement ring and pair of tickets to this Sunday’s Super Bowl worth $8,000.

He also has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

He had a girlfriend, who he only identified by her Twitter handle, who he claims dumped him after he was told of his cancer.  Claiming that she couldn’t handle the stress of having a boyfriend with cancer, she left him, but she insisted that he still give her the Super Bowl tickets because she was the originally intended recipient.

Here’s where things get a little “red flaggy”.

Elia called a radio show, told his story, and then decided to give away the tickets in a revenge move to whoever could help him gather the largest amount of Twitter followers.  He was going to announce a winner during the Pro Bowl, but the story has begun to receive national attention so he decided to delay the announcement.

He only gave the twitter handle Sokhon Sen, and that does lead to an actual person with that name.  She claims that she has only met Elia once, has no idea about Super Bowl tickets and is not happy that she is being dragged through all of this.  Elia is claiming that he is referring to an ex, and not this Miss Sen.  But the Mail Online claims to have seen an email exchange between to the two of them where Elia doesn’t deny making up the story or the fact that he was talking about her.

I hope all of this is true and factual.  It’s a great story, but remember, he’s a writer who “splits time between Nashville and LA” and there just is something about this story that doesn’t quite add up.

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