I Don’t Even Know How to Title This One

Ian Summers, 30, decided that he wanted to bring a prostitute into a Orange County, FL home, but knew that he first had to address the issue of his overly aggressive pit bull.

The pit, perfectly named “Fiesty”, had bitten several people recently, although “attacked” is probably a more accurate description.  One included a 2 year old nephew that lost a hunk of flesh from under his arm after meeting Fiesty.

Summers himself admits he is terrified of the animal, but when he brought the prostitute, Robin Johnson (yes, that is her mugshot to a previous arrest below) to a home on Feb 10th, Summers thought it was a good idea to get the two properly acquainted first so that Fiesty wouldn’t be aggressive, but he claims that upon opening the door to the room the dog saw Johnson and attacked her.

Summers then inexplicably simply closed the door to the room and left the house, leaving Johnson to be mauled by the dog.  She ended up having her left leg amputated below the knee and the left arm surgically removed below the elbow.  “When he attacked I did not want to be anywhere near that dog, he scares the death out of me,” Summers reportedly told deputies, “so I left and closed the door.”

It turns out that the home that Summers took Johnson reportedly for sex and some crack smoking wasn’t even his house.  He was a previous tenet that had moved out after a November drug raid.

While Johnson is in a coma, minus two limbs, Summers is in jail facing charges of second-degree felony charge of burglary of an occupied dwelling, as well as culpable negligence.

via Sun Sentinel, Daily Mail

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