When A Plan Fails To Come Together

In Utah, 52 year old Mary Ethyl Hansen is in jail on charges of murder.  Of her own 18 year old daughter.

But Hansen claims it was part of a suicide pact, its just that she bungled her end of the bargain.

Reports say that Hansen showed up at a neighbors home asking them to call police because she’d just shot her daughter, Virginia Ray Hansen.  When police showed up they found the daughter with a fatal shot to the head and the mother with a gunshot wound to her own.  The mother claimed that the pair suffered from mental illness and both wanted to die.  A pact was made.

“The mother went ahead and shot the daughter and came out, got into her car, drove down the street, honked her horn and, once the neighbor came outside, announced that she had shot her daughter and herself and then drove back down the street and parked in the driveway again,” said Drew Sanders of the West Jordan Police Department.

Neighbors reported that the pair were reclusive and that the mother had health issues and the daughter had dropped out of school and was finishing school online.

The mother was treated and released into police custody where booked on first degree felony homicide.

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