The Tender, Soft Touch of the Teddy Bear

Charles Marshall must think that this week’s release of the movie TED is some sort of porno made just for him.  See, Marshall has again been arrested for “masturbating in public with the aide of a teddy bear”.

Yes, you read that right.  Charles has been 1) making sweet love to a stuffed animal, 2) in the full view of the public, 3) this is the FOURTH time he’s been caught.

The 28 year old Cincinnati man was arrested last Wednesday night after employees from a neighborhood health clinic spotted him pleasuring himself.  Marshall was first caught doing this back in February 2010 in a public library men’s bathroom, then again in November 2010 and August 2011 for, ““masturbating w/a stuffed animal (teddy bear)” and “masturbating using a teddy bear in a public place where minors were likely to be present.”  All of the charges were misdemeanor counts resulting in short sentences.

In this latest arrest Marshall was cited with only disorderly conduct.  The court record actually says under “Describe Violation”, Did create a condition of annoyance/alarm by performing a sex act with a teddy bear in public”.

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