Don’t Use Stolen Bank Money At the Strip Club

Todd Jason Kettler robbed a Charter One Bank in Southfield, Michigan on October 4th and left with an undisclosed amount of cash.  Just three days later he was caught spending that cash – at a local strip club.

How Kettler was caught making it rain is going to make you laugh; the money he was passing out to the strippers was covered in red dye.  Yes, the same red dye that is sprayed from the dye packs that are attached to bank money to mark it when stolen. The club manager noticed the dye, called police and arrested Kettler after interviewing him and finding other evidence from the bank robbery.

Kettler was charged with six counts: three felony firearms charges, two armed robbery charges and one bank robbery charge.  He’s being held on $1 million bond.

Stripper Turns Mugger

Kelly Renee Hutchins, 23, of Pasadena, TX is Harris County jail after allegedly following home a strip club patron – who refused her lap dancing services – and later mugging him.

On July 31st, Hutchins was working as a stripper at a Houston area club and the victim was offered, and declined, a lap dance from her.  That night as the victim was leaving the club a man approached him and asked if he was interested in Hutchins’ “company” outside of the club after he left.  The victim again declined and drove away in his car.

As he got home he noticed that another car was following him, pulled up near his car with its lights off and a woman exited the car – approaching him.  As the victim recognized the woman as the stripper he’d rejected, but this time she had a gun.  She demanded his wallet, searched his pockets and tried to gain entry into the victim’s car.  While trying to get into the car, the victim told her that she was on video surveillance via his home security system and Hutchins then got back into the car she arrived in and the victim identified the driver as the man who’d approached him earlier.

Hutchins was arrested after the security footage was used to identify Hutchins and she was charged with aggravated robbery.

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Death By Lap Dance?

Robert Gene White is dead at the age of 67, but he went out in a manner that others only joke.

White died at the Red Parrott Lounge in El Paso, Texas.  The Red Parrot is a strip club, and White had been enjoying “several” lap dances and he was found passed out.  Employees, unsuccessful in waking him, attempted CPR while waiting for paramedics.  He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police do not suspect foul play and the cause of death has yet been released.

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