Lawsuit Over Sex Sounds

Lindsay Blankmeyer (left) just wanted a dorm room at her Catholic college in Boston where she could live and peacefully study.

But from her lawsuit against the school, what she got was a disrespectful roommate, Laura Sidia(right), with insatiable sexual appetite.

Blankmeyer claims in her federal lawsuit that her roommate’s sexual adventures in the room on the other side of the wall kept her up and made her life miserable.  She claims that when the girl’s boyfriend wasn’t at their dorm, the girl was participating in sex video chat.  The suit contends that it wasn’t just the sex noise, but that Sidia also took meal-plan money, used her belongings and that the situation became “toxic” very quickly.

Blankmeyer claims she went to the school and asked for a new dorm room, but was denied.  She says that she was forced to move to a hotel room, and suffered from “suicidal depression and required extensive psychiatric and medical treatment”.  She eventually graduated with an arts degree in September 2011.

The school claims that she never told the school about the roommate’s activity, but Blankmeyer’s lawsuit contends that she was given two options, a small “cube sized space” that was a study lounge, or a move to a dorm that was known on campus as the “party dorm” and live with someone she didn’t know.  (peet: so this school has party dorm AND a sex dorm?)

Stonehill College are not speaking to the media on this lawsuit.  Blankmeyer is suing for $150,000

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