Tuesday, Apple Wants to Show You New Stuff

*update #2* – We won’t know until Apple actually tells us, but several outlets are reporting that the iPad Mini will come in as many as 16 different variations (black or white, internal storage and wifi/cellular) and could start as low as $250.

Sources also report that Apple is likely to show off updates of current products like iMac, Mac Mini, a new 13″ MacBook Pro w/ retina display and even an already updated iPad with the new Lightening connector introduced on the iPhone5.

*update* this event is now official.  Invites were received this week for the Oct 23rd date.

AllThingsD is reporting that the long rumored iPadMini will be revealed at an invite-only event on Oct 23rd.

The smaller tablet by all speculation will feature a 7.85″ display – whether or not it is a retina display has been divided.  Most speculate it will be the same resolution and not retina like the iPad2, just a smaller screen size.  A good argument has been made that this device could mirror the aspect ratio of the new iPhone5 which is a true 16:9.  It should be thinner and use the new Lightning connector.  There is a lot of discussion if this mini will have any sort of connectivity other than wi-fi and will likely have the A5 processor.

Pricing?  Considering the recent releases of new Kindle Fires and Nooks in the $200 range and the new iPod touch selling for $300 and the iPad2 at $400, it seems there is little room for a iPad Mini, but this may be the single most important element in how many of these things Apple sells.

If, in fact, this product actually does happen it will be a fantastic turnaround from what Steve Jobs publicly stated about the idea of the smaller tablet format.

These are among the reasons we think the current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA, dead on arrival. Their manufacturers will learn the painful lesson that their tablets are too small and increase the size next year, thereby abandoning both customers and developers who jumped on the 7-inch bandwagon with an orphan product. Sounds like lots of fun ahead.

*update* – since first writing this I’ve been told there is a lot of evidence that Jobs would actually approve of this model because his complaints above are about a device that would upsize phone apps, rather than the expected Mini’s running of iPad apps by downsizing them.  Now, I’ve not been able to find any documentation proving this, but Rene Ritchie of is rather insistent that Jobs would have approved.

Steve Jobs Action Figure is Creepy

Yeah, starting (maybe) in February you can buy a Steve Jobs action figure.  From these pics its oddly lifelike in the resemblance, and even comes with ‘real clothes’ and three different sets of adjustable hands (a total JJ Arms homage!).

It will cost you $99, but there is also a pretty good chance it will never go on sale as Apple and/or the Jobs estate is likely to block the sale since it’s unauthorized.  That happened once before when a company called, MIC Gadget, tried to sell a far less similar looking action figure of Jobs.  In fact, the companies website, “InIcons”, is down at the time I am typing this….



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