Star Wars Uncut Is Ready and Awesome

Since 2009 Casey Pugh has been asking the general public to re-film 473 different 15 second segments of the original Star Wars movie.

Now, the final version, the “Director’s Cut”,  is done for you to watch online and it’s such an achievement it might make you cry.

A version actually won an Oscar last year in the ‘interactive media’ category, but this is a newer, final version that is a great collective of fan-art.  Every 15 seconds the movie shifts, seamlessly, from one person’s version to another.  You will go from a crude CGI created scene to people acting in their office space to one with cats acting all the parts.  The variation of the same character’s costumes from scene to scene alone is worth watching.  Really, someday someone will write a doctoral thesis on this thing.

You can even go to the main site and just watch a random scene and sample the variety..

Here’s the full two hour movie.

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