Why Wasn’t This David Blaine?

A Sri Lankan man has proven to be a pretty poor setter of records.

Janaka Basnayake, 24, was attempting to set the world’s record for “longest time spent buried” and he was only successful in burying himself alive.

Laying in a trench that was 10 feet deep, and sealed with soil and wood for over six hours before family and friends brought back to the surface where he was found to be unconscious.  He was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital.

Family members, who actually are the ones that buried the guy, tell that Janaka was always attempting to set records and had successfully attempted the burial trick on two prior occasions.  There is no official cause of death (peet: i’m guessing lack of oxygen) but an investigation is underway.

(peet: Thanks to Ian for bringing this to my attention yesterday.)

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