A Sign Your Relationship Has Soured

The wonderful Smoking Gun has conjured up a court document that tells the horribly gruesome story of a relationship gone bad.

An unnamed Indiana man, claims that his on/off again girlfriend of eight months, Christina Reber walked into his home, uninvited, on the night of March 30th.  She was drunk and confronted him over their most recent break up.  She screamed at him to call the police and began to attack.  After hitting him in the head, she forcibly reached into his pants and grabbed his scrotum and began to “squeeze as hard as she could”  and he could feel her fingernails tearing into his sack.   As the two of them fell to the ground when she refuse to let go of her steely grip, but finally able to pry her loose.  Once that happened Reber quickly left his residence.

The victim, with blood all over his shirt, realized that he had a “long tear” in his scrotum and part of it has “been completely torn from his body”.

While Reber was arrested and charged with two felonies, the victim in a follow up interview told police that his injury continues to be very swollen, bleed and doctors do not know yet if he has suffered any permanent damage.  He is unable to work and barely able to walk.



Holy Crap! You Gotta Read This…Trust Me.

If you’ve seen the movie “Three Kings”, or maybe the Oscar nominated “The Fighter”, well then you know of the director of these, David O. Russell.

David O Russell

Well, Russell has an explosive story making the rounds on the net today as the always outstanding ‘The Smoking Gun” have released the Florida police reports that accuse Russell of some odd actions with a relative of his.. but you have to wrap your head around these parts first

  • The girl he is accused of being inappropriate with is actually Russell’s 19 year old nephew, yes, nephew (like, in boy)
  • This nephew, Nicholas Peloquin, is reportedly in the midst of undergoing hormone treatments in preparation for gender reassignment.  He also lives as a female under the name, “Nicole”

Ok, now that you’ve got that injected into your noggin, here’s the downlow on what said to have happened.

While at a hotel gym in Florida back in late December, Peloquin claims that Russell asked about the transformation process of male-to-female, and was told about the hormone process to increase breast size.  This is when Russell is accussed of putting his hands under Peloquin’s short and feeling both of his breasts”.   Peloquin admits to not asking Russell to stop, but did tell his mother after the fact that her brother “came onto him at the gym” and later called police to report the incident.

Nicolas Peloquin, dressed as Nicole

Russell claims that Peloquin was being very provocative, asking for help with ab exercises and admits to asking about the transgender process.  He also claims that Peloquin told him that the hormones had made one of his boobs bigger than the other and was “allowed” to feel both of them to determine the differences for himself.  He even admits that the two made a “pinky swear” over the touching moment.

Russell says that he was confronted by his sister over the incident, and that he’d told her that he asked the 19 year old if he/she was uncomfortable about the situation and that he was never asked not to touch him/her.

Russell also reported to police that ever since the nephew began the gender transformation process he’d become, “very provocative and seductive”.

Wow.  wow.  wow.

(update – Several sites are now reporting that Broward Co Sheriff’s Dept have closed the investigation and that no charges will be files against Russell.  Peloquin retains the right to file a case with the State’s attorney.)

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