Death By Sleepwalking?

Charlene Ferrero, 55, of Oaklyn, NJ is dead after her body was pulled from Newton Lake on Monday night.

Police believe she may have fallen from a train tressel over the water that is near her neighborhood where she lives.

How she got there is the mystery, but after police responded to calls the night before of a woman roaming the neighborhood in pajamas, and calls of Ferrero’s disappearance, there is a thought that she was sleepwalking.

Autopsy showed that Ferrero died from an accidental drowning, and the waitress had recently had a sleepwalking episode where she arrived at a neighbor’s house where she tried to deliver imaginary food.  She later admitted that she’d walked in her sleep as a child, and apparently was doing it again.

Police are awaiting to see if Ferrero had been taking any sleep aids or other medications that may have played a part in the mystery.

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