Naked, Enraged Bodybuilder ‘Hulks Out’

Leo Rubio and his wife were simply coming home…

…coming home to a savage beating.

Saturday night the couple returned from a party to find a giant, naked, 300lb, muscle bound stranger on the porch of their home. There was a confrontation with 22 year old Ruben Arzu, a bodybuilder and apparently under the influence of steroids and other drugs.  Upon seeing Arzu on the porch, the wife went into the house to call 9-1-1, but a beating of Rubio began where he suffered a broken jaw.  The wife came out to help her husband and Arzu began attacking her leaving her with a skull fracture.

Arzu then fled the scene and tried to break into a neighboring home, but was cornered in the backyard where to took two stun guns and four police officers to subdue the 5’10” 300ld man.  He has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and a count of aggravated mayhem and is still in the hospital himself for injures he sustained during the ruckus.

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