All Right OKC, You’re On The Board!

Meet Jeff Watson.

Jeff has a few different fetishes, and if the police reports are accurate, he’s not afraid to show them off pubically.

In late December Watson was at a Modern Maternity store in Penn Square.  He had shopped there before, and the clerk made the very naive conclusion that Watson shopped at a store for pregnant women because he had a, “very big belly”.  During this last visit Watson reportedly hit on the clerk while the two were in the dressing area.  She told police she declined his advances.

After Watson paid for his clothes – for pregnant women – he then told the clerk he wanted to do more shopping, and went back to the dressing area.

When the same female clerk arrived to assist him, she found him wearing nothing other than a maternity bra and a pair of “electric blue crotchless panties”.  His junk-money hanging out for her to see.  The clerk claims Watson repeatedly insisted she ‘look at him’, and she refused and told him to leave.

She later filed a complaint with the police and Watson was arrested on indecent exposure charges.  He is free on bail.



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Shopping Apps Save You $$$

When you’re running around buying gifts for loved ones, if you’ve got a smartphone in your hand, consider adding one or all of these shopping apps to it.  Any or all of these can be used to scan the bar codes of something you’re looking at and tell you how it is priced online and in other stores in your area.  Not only can you immediately tell if you’re getting a good deal, you might find out where you can get a better one.

Google Shopper  iPhone  /  Android 

Shop Savvy   iPhone  /  Android   /   Windows Phone

Red Lazer    iPhone   / Android 

Amazon Price Check  iPhone  /  Android

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Call 9-11! Stat!



The Texas Ranger Fever is an epidemic here in Dallas.  Lot’s of caps, jerseys and t-shirts.

But today, I saw a first.  This guy.

Call an ambulance.  I think his infection has gone to his head and will surely kill him before Monday.

Wearing a Josh Hamilton shirt, but one that is a giant photo, sublimated onto the fabric (like drifit).  It is a full pic on the front and back of the shirt.  It is amazing.  I can’t decide if I am impressed he’s that dedicated, or just think its just about the gayest thing I’ve see in a while.

Yes, I was at In & Out.  don’t judge.




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