Craigslist Was Not Intended For This Use

Shane Walker and Sarah Dae Walker and Robert Aucker are three really sick, twisted fucks.

The Arizona residents have been arrested and accused of using a Craigslist ad titled “WIFE LOOKING FOR A K9”  to conspire and commit beastiality.

The Walkers, a self described married “swingers” couple with an “open marriage”, worked with Aucker to use Craiglist to find a dog that Sarah would have sex with while Shane and Robert watched.  Aucker told police that he and Sarah have been in a relationship for a month and she had disclosed to him her desire to have sex with a dog.

Once decided as a group they wanted to do this, they searched Craigslist for three weeks resulting in a trading of emails with a dog’s owner who they would met up with for the purpose of beastiality.  They even offered the male golden shepherd mix’s owner a chance to participate, but the person they were communicating with was an undercover detective (who had spotted the ridiculously titled ad).  The three admitted their plan, but were arrested before sex acts with the dog took place.

Oddly enough this isn’t the first case of Craigslist being used to shop for beastiality in Arizona.  Just a year ago the same county sheriff made two different arrests, a handyman and a teacher, in different cases of Craigslist being used for that purpose.

The three have been released, are under electronic monitoring and best of all, been instructed to give up their own dogs.

Craigslist’s Secret World of Bestiality: 3 Arrested:



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