9-1-1 Is Not a Hooker Complaint Service

Jerry Streng, 63, needs a good talking to, or a punch to his face meat.

First, hiring a pair of hookers to join you in a pot-smoking, Jerry-sandwich sex party is just not good decision making.  Second, calling the cops to file a report that the same hookers didn’t provide the service you paid for just shows a lack of all judgment.

Streng hired Jacqueline Eubanks, 50, and Tanya Good, 34, to join him at his Pennsylvanian home for $400.  For that amount of money the women were, according to Streng, join him in “smoking smoke”, and engage in sexual intercouse, but Jerry wanted a specific place in that action.

As explained in the complaint the “agreement was that he was supposed to be in the middle of both women while the three of them engaged in sexual activity with each other.”  But after smoking together, the women got into bed and didn’t invite Streng.  This frustrated him and he took off his clothes and got into bed with them anyway.  Unfortunately for Jerry he’d been relegated to an “end” position and not the Jerry-in-the-middle he thought he’d paid for.  The girls began some sexual activity with each other and not Jerry, and he was left only to fondle the breast of the woman he was laying next to.

The women then got up and left, without “fully servicing him” as described in the complaint.

All three were arrested and charged with differing prostitution charges.

via The Smoking Gun

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