It Happened In Florida

Joseph Lamar Conn claims he was simply doing something he liked to do, and had no idea he could be seen from the street.

But Conn what was doing was doing a little nude sunbathing on his front porch…While holding a rubber penis.  Police got a call from a neighbor who spotted Conn and when they arrived he wrapped himself in the blanket he’d been lying on, went into the house and came back out wearing shorts.  Police confronted Conn who told him that he preferred to sunbath while holding the sex toy.

Conn’s other problem is that he is a registered sex offender (lewd assault and sexual battery on a victim younger than 16, ) and had only recently been released from jail for violating sex offender rules.

He was arrested and taken to jail and charged with indecent exposure.

Good Intensions, Wrong Execution

Washington resident Patrick B. Drum is a vigilante who many could argue has the best of causes – ridding the world of sex offenders.  He did just that as police found the bodies of Jerry Wayne Ray (right), 56, and Gary Lee Blanton (left), 28, early Sunday – both allegedly killed by Drum in separate planned attacks.

Ray, a Level II offender and convicted child rapist was found in his home shot to death.  That discovery lead to reports of a stranger in the area, and a car with a note that tied Drum to Ray’s death.  Blanton, was found dead in Drum’s home (who was renting a room from Drum) when police went there looking for Drum.  Blanton had previously been convicted of 3rd degree rape and also was a Level II offender.

The AP reported Monday that Drum’s note expressed hate for sex offenders and the killings, “had to be done,”  and that he “…apologized to police for what he had done”.  The county sheriff was quoted that Drum took full responsibility and there was evidence that Drum’s actions were part of a larger scheme.


Sexual Deviant Of The Year Nominee

Eric Antunes of Clearwater, FL is 29 and probably in need of some therapy, jail time – or maybe he just needs to be put to sleep.

He certainly hit the sexual crime double play.  Child porn and bestiality.

Arrested at his home after police received a tip, Antunes was found to have downloaded child pornography, photos and a video, on his computer.  He admitted to downloading the material and allowed police to search his computer, but it what they found on his cell phone that took Antunes to a new level.  Several images of Antunes himself involved in acts of bestiality were discovered on his cell phone.  The dog, it turns out, belongs to his girlfriend.

Antunes has been arrested and charged with 10 counts of child pornography, and because Florida finally passed a bestiality ban in October 2011, Antunes also may be the first person prosecuted under that new law.

via Tampa Bay News

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Go Cowboys…. AcK!

Jesse Joe Hernandez, child sex offender and murderer, was executed in Texas this week.

Just before getting his injection he blessed those in attendance and then made the Jones family proud with,

Go Cowboys!


He also spoke after the injection was given and taking hold, claiming, “I can feel it, taste it. It’s not bad.”  Of course it was bad enough it killed him seconds later.

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