You Never Want to See Your Parents Doing This

If you think walking in on your parents ‘doing it’ is embarrassing, imagine turning on the TV and seeing them on a show about swingers and dressed up with sex toys in hand.

That is what happened to a 15 year old German girl when she flipped the channel to a show and saw her mom dressed in stockings and suspenders, in a cage, and her father wearing a Batman costume with a dildo in his hand.  The couple sued for compensation for pain and suffering they faced from the embarrassing revelation.

The couple had been told their faces would be obscured from any broadcast, and the production company admitted their failure to pixilate their faces was an oversight, and a mistake.  The judge sympathized with their embarrassing situation, he refused to give the couple the large amount of money in damages they were requesting because they had voluntarily gone to the club and agreed to be filmed on camera.

After the judge decided that all he could grant them was a few hundred dollars for appearing on the show and to cover legal costs, the couple decided not to appeal because any further action would have required their daughter to testify.

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