Roku Takes It to the Next Level

If I wasn’t a total Apple lemming and already married to my AppleTV device, I would have bought a Roku TV streaming device.

Roku makes a line of really, really nice streaming devices that sends Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Disney and a whole bunch of other content into your TV.

Today Roku announced the 2012 release of a new version of the device called the “Streaming Stick” which will plug into a TV’s HDMi port and provide the same services as their hockey puck sized boxes.  The stick, which looks like your standard USB flash drive, will actually need a newer set that supports the new MHL-compliant HDMi input.. This allows for control from the set’s remote, versus Roku having to supply a separate remote with the stick.

Additionally it is expected the Stick will sell for less than $50, and should be in stores by Q2 2012.  Best Buy is expected to announce that they will include the Streaming Stick with their in-house line of TV’s, Insignia.

Roku will officially show off the device at the upcoming CES.


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