Today, One Sick Dude Gets Executed

Its been 25 years but today, in Arizona, Robert Moormann will finally have his life ended by the State.

He is 63, looks like a character from a torture porn movie, but is as real as they get.  In what has to be one of the craziest, straight-out-of-a-movie life stories, pretty much set on a course for evil from Day One, Moormann’s is worth a read.

His story is long and detailed, and you can click here and here to read good synopsis’ about Moormann’s history.  But to sum it up for you:

  • Born to a alcoholic teen prostitute in ’48 that died in an accident when he was two
  • Father was abandoned him at birth
  • Was adopted because paternal grandparents were abusive alcoholics
  • Adoptive father died and adoptive mother raised him, but forced him to perform sex acts with her
  • While not retarded, time in school he was classified as such
  • ‘Accidentally’ shot his mother at 13
  • Was sent to a state mental institution after shooting
  • Kidnapped a 8yr neighbor girl, raped her
  • Original plan was to kidnap the mom but chickened out and kid was easier
  • Spent nine years in prison for crime
  • While on a furlough in 1984 his mom came to see him and they stayed at a hotel near the prison
  • She disappeared
  • Police later realized that Moormann had killed her and chopped up her body in the room
  • He claims that he accidentally killed her after suffocating her with a pillow during a sex act
  • He did suffocate her, but also beat and stabbed her to death
  • He was nude while he dismembered her body
  • He disposed of the pieces in the dumpsters behind businesses around town
  • He was found guilty of 1st degree murder and sentenced to death
  • Suffered a stroke in 2007 and is in poor health

Lawyers have tried and failed to get a stay of execution based on claims of his mental status.  They also have tried to convince the clemency board to consider his life long abuse at the hands of his mother.  Moormann claims he does not remember his crime in any detail, “It was me playing with her breasts, and that is the only part I remember,” Robert Moormann said. “I carried her in the bathtub and I knew something was wrong, so I put her in bed. I do not remember cutting her up. Sorry.”


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