Death By Penile Enhancement

Remember those recent stories about the women dying from rouge “doctors” injecting house quality silicone, Vaseline, and other odd substances into their butts, faces and other body parts in hopes of improved looks?

Well, a dude, Justin Street, in East Orange, NJ died last May from a fatal blood clot.  The clot was caused by a silicone injection done by Kasia Rivera and the silicone caused an embolism that clogged up the victims plumbing and killed him.

Kasia  was arrested Friday on manslaughter charges and unauthorized practice of medicine.  The man’s death was ruled a homicide and Rivera’s arrested was the result of the investigation.

Street, 22, died the day after he paid Rivera for a penis enhancement at Rivera’s home for what was called a, “pumping party”.

Who wants bigger junk so gosh darned badly they would:

  1. Let someone stick a needle filled with whatever in it
  2. Go to some odd, weird looking woman’s house to do it
  3. Actually think they would survive the whole stupid idea?
I’m not half sure I feel like the knucklehead didn’t get what he deserved…
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