Eels Aren’t Supposed To Be In Your Butt

A hospital in New Zealand is reporting that it is true they had a male patient that required attention for an “eel inside him”.  And by, “inside him”, they mean in his butt.

The man reportedly showed up at the hospital having to explain that he had an eel up and inside his rectum and after a series of X-rays his claim proved to be true.  Reports are the man underwent a minor procedure to have the “sprig sized” eel removed and he was later released.  There was no explanation of how the eel got in there and the hospital refused to elaborate further due to “patient’s right to privacy”.

If you love a good, “what people have put in their butt only to need it medically removed” story, check out this awesome book, “Stuck Up”.


Mom Killed During Teen’s Driving Lesson

A Kentucky mom, Kimberly Riggs, 40, was killed over the weekend when she was attempting to start a lesson for her daughter to learn to drive.

After Sunday church, Riggs instructed the 15 year old to take the wheel and the girl sat in the driver’s seat of the car.  Witness report the car suddenly leaped backwards, knocking Riggs to the ground with the car door.  The car then began a series of out of control maneuvers, veering into a nearby street backwards, then forwards back into the church parking lot, the turning and hitting a fence, crashing through it, through a backyard and then striking a house.  Witness claim the car then came back out of the yard, thru the parking lot, turned 180 degrees and hit Riggs again – pinning her against a fence.

Riggs was pronounced dead later at a local hospital.  The daughter was treated and released with minor facial injuries.

Now, the video report below does not include the details about the car’s uncontrolled actions, just the car pinning the mother to the fence.  So there seems to be a little mystery here as to what happened, but by all accounts it was a freak accident. News, Weather