Rapist Wants 2nd Date

Rafael Chavez may not understand what sexual assault means, or that raping someone doesn’t constitute a proper first date.

Back on Jan. 14th Chavez, 21, picked up a female in an alley in Chandler, AZ while she was walking home from work.  Not sure why she got into the car to begin with, but in the alley, he began to sexually assault and rape her.  Then put her back into the car and dropped her off at the spot he’d originally picked her up.  Before letting her go, he actually gave her his cell phone number and asked her to call him sometime.

She got away and later called the number to confirm it was him. Chavez was arrested and told police he had been depressed over a recent breakup and he been drinking heavily and using cocaine and smoking pot.

He’s in jail on a single count of kidnapping and sexual assault.


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