Two Words: Puppy Throwing

Its not quite “Cat Juggling”, but a woman was arrested Friday for throwing puppies in her part of a domestic dispute case in Minnesota.

The couple, Gabrielle Tywon Allen and David Peter Remme were seated in their pickup truck when an argument started.  At some point the man reached over and punched the woman, breaking her nose.  He got out and then the woman picked up each of the three week old pit bull puppies and threw them at the man out the window.  The puppies were unharmed which means her charges of animal cruelty will not be of the felony level.  But both the man and woman are in jail.

One report comments that it was a year to the day that another woman was arrested for throwing a puppy at her boyfriend.  In March, 2011 Holly Boyd was arrested in the same area for throwing a Chihuahua pup after finding out he was cheating on her.

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That is Not What Puppies Are For

Thurman McGriff

Thurman McGriff, 54, of Phoenix is accused of several charges.  You can decide for yourself which is the more disgusting.

  • Exposing himself to an adult
  • Exposing himself to a 9 year old boy
  • Threatening to molest the little boy
  • Accused of using a puppy to simulate oral sex

The last two are connected as McGriff reportedly threatened to molest the kid if he didn’t stop watching him as he allegedly used the puppy’s mouth to simulate the act.

via, Phoenixtimes

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